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Meet a CAWA: Stacey Price

February 11, 2024, The Association

Dakin Humane’s Director of Development and Marketing sings the praises of CAWA—and shares her favorite two-word leadership tip.

Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) Since: March 2023

The Association: Describe being a CAWA in three words.
Stacey Price: Leadership, Commitment, Advancement

The Association: Please tell us a little about your organization, and a victory, large or small, you recently celebrated.
Stacey Price: Dakin Humane Society has a 50-year history of serving the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and over 20,000 animals and people a year through our programs, including adoption, community spay and neuter cinic, pet health center, and pet food aid program.

Our most recently celebrated victory was the opening of our Pet Health Center last year, bringing pet health services to the most financially fragile of our community and bridging the gap in access to care. Year to date, we have served over 4,250 patients, and a second veterinary team was added this past fall.

The Association: How did you prepare for the CAWA exam? 
Stacey Price: The Association provided a thorough list of study materials. A year before the exam, I began reading through the material. A test exam followed this to hone in on areas in which I may have felt less confident. From those results, I fine-tuned my studying topics.

The Association: What was the most surprising or unexpected thing you learned as you prepared for the CAWA exam? 
Stacey Price: The most unexpected thing I learned was how well-rounded the exam questions were, addressing all topics critical to animal welfare and leadership success. It served as a great refresher for previously learned knowledge and skills that may be used less frequently in my current role, since we have others on our team in those focused areas of expertise.

The Association: How has becoming a CAWA impacted your career?
Stacey Price: It has grown my network among other animal welfare professionals and enhanced my credibility among peers as an expert in the field.  It’s also enhanced the reputation of the organization, as I’m also the first to obtain CAWA on our team.

The Association: What’s your one piece of practical advice for those considering the CAWA program?
Stacey Price: One piece of practical advice is to obtain it. CAWA certification demonstrates a commitment to our industry and progressive leadership while being a role model among our peers. There’s power in numbers for advancing our field.

The Association: What is your favorite one-sentence leadership tip?
Stacey Price: Talk less.

The Association: Okay, last question. What’s the last book you read?
Stacey Price: Start with WHY by Simon Sinek

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