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Letter from the President: Our People Are Our Most Valuable Assets

May 1, 2023, Jim Tedford

The future of our profession is on your shoulders. Has your organization completed the 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study?

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

In animal welfare work, our people are our most important valuable assets. For many years The Association has conducted a biannual Compensation and Benefits Study to inform important decisions shelter leaders make around salary and benefits for people at all levels of their organizations. I and many of my colleagues have eagerly participated in the study and looked forward to the results every two years.
We launched the 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study on March 14, and I am stunned that as of this writing, only 91 agencies have registered to enter their data. And just 52 organizations have completed 80% of their data in order to receive free access to this tool.  
Everyone in animal welfare and beyond is struggling with hiring and retention in this tight labor market.  The compensation study is one critically important action you can take to help yourself, and the entire profession, stay competitive and current. You can use this tool to make budgetary decisions, to support your case when asking for funding, to ensure you can attract and retain the best people possible.  
Please know that to be of value, the study must include a robust dataset.  In short, we need your organization to submit data ASAP!  Submitting at least 80% of the required data before the Monday, May 15, 2023, deadline gets you free access to the data and endless customizable reports.
Join me in thanking those organizations who have taken the time to enter their data. If you haven’t already done so, there are still two weeks left to register to earn free access to the tool. And if you are not responsible for compiling and entering data for your organization, please share this blog with whomever is. 
The future of our profession is on your shoulders.

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About Jim Tedford
Jim Tedford, CAWA, is President and CEO of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.

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