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2023 Compensation & Benefits Study: Knowledge Is Power

March 13, 2023, Kristi Mack

It’s that time again… We’re thrilled to announce that data collection for the 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study will open on Tuesday, March 14. This online benchmarking platform provides on-demand insights related to compensation and benefits across nearly 80 animal welfare job descriptions. The first study was conducted in 2000, and today it is still the only one of its kind designed with the knowledge and skills unique to animal welfare. Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Kristi Mack invites you to participate on behalf of the 2023 Compensation and Benefits Survey Committee.

Attract and retain…. an easy concept to grasp, but there are so many elements to it! A driving factor for our organization is to remain competitive with our compensation and benefits program. This focus not only helps us attract talent, but also retain qualified individuals in such a competitive market.

As Committee Chair for the 2023 Compensation and Benefits Study Committee, I had the pleasure of working alongside amazing professionals throughout animal welfare – from humane societies to animal control and beyond. We came together to collaborate on the fundamental elements of the survey that would result in useful information for organizations in our field.

What is new this year? Expanded job descriptions to encompass more roles in the industry and streamlined questions to gather more information.

Equipping your organization with tools such as The Association’s Compensation and Benefits Study helps address the fundamental challenge with compensation. The study has allowed us to leverage information to update our compensation ranges and salaries in order to remain competitive in the market.

Knowledge is power. The ability to benchmark our roles against The Association’s Compensation & Benefits Study specifically designed for the animal welfare industry is incredibly valuable.

About Kristi Mack
Kristi Mack is HR Director at Humane Society Silicon Valley. Her specialties include employee relations, HR infrastructure, payroll partnerships/processes, and HR policy development. She serves on the Customer Advisory Board for BambooHR and chairs the 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study Committee.

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