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Keeping Up with COVID-19, 3/13: Borrow This Foster Campaign Idea!

March 13, 2020, The Association

What’s one of the best ways shelters and rescues can prepare for supporting the community during this time of uncertainty? As The Association’s executive vice president, Katherine Shenar, explains in the blog she co-authored with The HSUS’ shelter outreach and policy engagement director, Kim Alboum, the answer lies in expanding your foster network.

Need inspo on where to begin? Here’s a brilliant marketing campaign that one of your colleagues came up with to meet the challenge.  
Earlier this week, Animal Care Centers of NYC shared this video encouraging New Yorkers to foster:

The promotion gets a thumbs up from Cleveland APL CEO & President Sharon Harvey, who shared the video with her community via Cleveland APL’s social channels, and well as on her own personal network: “What can you do to help the Cleveland APL and other shelters as we all work to prepare for and respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic? First, please have an emergency plan in place for your own pets in the event you are unable to care for them. Shelters may face staffing shortages that will necessitate focusing their resources and efforts on the care of animals already in their facilities. And then, if you find yourself working from home, this could be a TERRIFIC time to think about adopting or fostering!” 
We couldn’t agree more, Sharon—and we also love that ACC NYC’s message is refreshingly positive and proactive. Hello, perfect example of what is so special about the animal welfare field! As Sharon puts it, “They were beyond generous in allowing us to use this to raise awareness in our own communities. We really are one!”
Has your organization developed a special promotion, campaign or messaging to address the impact of COVID-19? Please share it on our Facebook page or email us the details at We’d love to collect them all as inspiration for you and your colleagues all over the country.
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