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Hot Stats: 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey Highlights

June 10, 2020, The Association

As many of you know, The Association launched the first digital Compensation and Benefits Survey in 2019, and we’ve recently compiled data received from animal welfare organizations all across the United States, Canada, and beyond. How do salary and benefits at your agency compare with those in other regions and of similar budget size? Check out the Executive Summary , and read on for some notable findings.

The 2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey represents data from 224 participating organizations. As it is digital, participants have anytime access to on-demand insights across nearly 60 job descriptions, allowing them to better assess their own practices and stay competitive in the industry. The following top-level highlights are based on all available information submitted on or before May 7, 2020.

A sneak peek at some notable findings

  • In Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer positions, comparing females versus males in all regions and budget size, males were paid 6% less than females
  • Mean average hourly salary $43.35 for males; $46.12 for females
  • Male high hourly average salary $90.59; low $19.23
  • Female high hourly salary $101.92; low $16.50
  • 81% of animal welfare organizations offer a dental plan; 92% offer health insurance plans
Source: 2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey

View the Executive Summary here.

Thank you to everyone who entered your information in order to receive free access to the complete analysis. Even if you missed that deadline last December, it’s not too late to participate in this survey! You can still enter your information and pay a small fee to obtain access to the detailed salary data—get all the details here.

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