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#AAWASpring: Day 3 Highlights

June 18, 2021, The Association

Attendees were pumped and in high gear as we wrapped up three days of networking, sharing and learning. Over the next month, we’ll dive into individual sessions, but here’s a taste of The 2021 Spring Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement.

Donor retention resources

Shared during Roger Craver’s session on “Donor Retention: The Ultimate Safety Net While You Figure Out the Future”

The field is still saturated in that hero component, and wanting to portray animal welfare organizations as heroes. But we’re now digging in to why BIPOC communities are harmed by animal welfare, and we see disproportionate enforcement in low-income and Black and Brown neighborhoods.

– The HSUS’ Ashley Anderson-Mutch, during the DEI Panel, “Are You Ready for the Answers to Those Questions?”

The average cat has how many whiskers?!?

It may have been Happy Hour on Day 2, but the competition was fierce. The scores were tallied and shout-outs are in order for the winners of Cat Trivia, hosted by Purina/Petfinder:

  • Danielle Bays, aka Shabby Cat, Senior Analyst, Cat Protection and Policy, The Humane Society of the United States
  • Cindy Machado, aka Crazy Kat, Director of Animal Services, Marin Humane
  • Ann Ensminger, aka Classy Buffalo, Senior Director, Impact and Programs, Animal Friends 
Download the full report shared by Dr. Michael Blackwell and T’ Fisher in their session on AlignCare: “Access to Veterinary Care: Barriers, Current Practice, and Public Policy.”

Unmuted: The Tour

Some of you enjoyed the Unmuted sessions so much that you decided to continue them on a monthly basis. Individuals in animal welfare who identify as LGBTQIA+, please save the date & join the first safe space meeting on Weds., July 14—we’ll share details once we have ‘em.

What were your top aha! moments during the conference? Leave a comment and let us know.

Photo: Allison Hess and her conference buddy took top honors in Wednesday’s photo contest.

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