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10 Most Popular Webinars of 2022

December 28, 2022, The Association

Here are the 10 juiciest, most actionable and thought-provoking webinars of the year—some you attended live, and some oldies but goodies you kept coming back to. Catch up on what you missed and let us know if they bring you any aha! moments.

Transport Best Practices
Experts discuss the current challenges of companion animal transport, and what needs to be done to ensure safe passage for all. Don’t miss the Q&A session at the end.

Maximizing Employee Retention in a Highly Competitive Labor Market
What’s causing The Great Resignation, and what can you do to attract employees who want to stay? Tom Erb tells all.

Introduction to a Quality of Life App for Animal Shelters
The Penn Vet Quality of Life Tool is a practical, research-based method of assessing the quality of life of shelter dogs. Find out how it’s working so far.

Strategic Talent Development & Succession Planning
Does your org have an internal pipeline for recognizing & growing potential leaders? Listen to this recording and walk away with a plan to develop one.

Reducing Infection: Updates in Feline URI Management
Less URI, happier cats, better outcomes, and more balanced workloads for staff? Here’s how.

Building a Leadership Culture
Learn about the Leadership from the Heart organizational model for offering the training and support required to develop each person’s leadership skills.

Employee Onboarding: The Secret for Boosting Productivity, Engagement, & Retention
Discover and deploy the three essential elements to an onboarding program – organizational, technical, and social – to place your employees on the path to success.

Assessing Pain & Quality of Life in Shelter Animals
This webinar offers practical tools for recognizing the signs of pain and distress in cats and dogs, and for measuring their quality of life.

The Future of Talent Acquisition and Retention
Get a great overview of the current and future labor market, plus tips on how to keep candidates engaged from the moment they submit their application.

Breaking Down Resistance: Convincing Animal Lovers to Give to People
A new animal welfare message centered around trust and keeping pets and people together is gaining traction. In this webinar, you’ll learn to sculpt and transform this shift into a fundraising offer. 


Ready to kick off your 2023 pro dev? We’ve got just the thing:

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January 31: The Roundtable: Not-So-Secret Ways to Retain Your Staff

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