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Tip of the Week: You Deserve a Break (or Five)

March 25, 2024, The Association

Micro-breaks are your new not-so-secret weapon

So busy you can’t stop? Then take it easy. And short. According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review, multiple micro-breaks—we’re talking from one minute to ten—can add up to help maximize productivity and decrease burnout. Here are just a few of executive coach Rebecca Zucker’s eight suggestions for finding and making time:

Block out specific times for email & other comms
“It can be tempting to use a few spare minutes when you have them to quickly respond to email,” writes Zucker. “However, research shows that work takes 50% longer when we’re constantly switching tasks.”

Reset the default meeting duration
This almost seems too easy. “Most people have a default meeting duration of 30 or 60 minutes,” writes Zucker. “Change your default to either 15–25 minutes for shorter meetings or 45–50 minutes for longer meetings.” Use the extra time to get up from your desk or get a snack.

Build on bathroom breaks
Try “stacking” to get in the habit of taking breaks: “After visiting the restroom, you might create a new mini-habit and take 5–10 minutes to practice mindfulness, meditate, or climb a set of stairs or walk around the block to get some exercise,” suggests Zucker.

Read the complete article for all eight strategies.

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