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Tip of the Week: These Are The People In Your Neighborhood…

December 13, 2021, The Association

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be using this space to roll out tips and resources from last week’s virtual conference, Looking Forward: The Future of Animal Welfare. Here’s an invaluable toolkit shared by Pets for Life’s Amanda Arrington in the session on how to use data to better serve your community.

Are your resources going to the folks in your community who need them the most? How can you tell who is using—and who might not know about—your services? “While animal welfare organizations may not always have staff whose job it is to focus on data collection,” says Pets for Life’s Amanda Arrington, “we’ve created a guide that anyone can use to put together demographics for their community.” 

On page 14 of Pets for Life Community Outreach Toolkit, you’ll find illustrated steps for creating a map that can display demographics, community resources and overall geography to highlight potential focus areas and barriers to accessing services.

Beginning on page 39, the Data & Mapping chapter offers tips for using data in proactive and reactive outreach, as well as sample maps and infographics.

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Download Pets For Life Community Outreach Toolkit (.pdf)
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