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Tip of the Week: Reach for the Low-Hanging Fruit

May 22, 2024, The Association

Simple adjustments to hiring & recruitment efforts can result in big DEI gains

While we know the lasting systemic changes we’re working toward are best described as a marathon and not a sprint, one shelter shared some easy policy changes they made before moving on to more challenging work. By picking the “low-hanging fruit” and taking these simple but impactful actions, they were able to build momentum and set their current and future teams up for success.

Here’s what they did to remove barriers to employment by adjusting their job descriptions & recruitment efforts:

  • Removed educational requirements
  • Removed experience requirements
  • We send our job postings to our community partners
  • We partner with SkillsRI to recruit candidates
  • We welcome volunteers with intellectual disabilities
  • We give the option of having preferred pronouns on nametags, in email signature lines, and on office nameplates

Has your organization implemented something similar? What other low-hanging fruit have you picked? Leave a comment and share your knowledge and suggestions.

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