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Tip of the Week: No-Brainer Fundraiser

September 5, 2022, The Association

Hey there, Monday! Time once again for Tip of the Week, where we pass along tools, time-savers, and just-plain-genius ideas that experts, colleagues and members of The Association have suggested and tested.

Looking for a way to engage the community and raise funds without collecting donations? Tammy Bristol, Director of Development & Communications at Spay Illinois, has an idea that scored her organization $10K in one month.

The Lisle, IL, low-cost clinic recently ran a month-long Feedback Fundraiser in partnership with HundredX. “The way it works is you get staff, board members and supporters to fill out real-quick feedback surveys on companies they know,” explains Bristol. “Each survey raises $2 for your organization, and each person can do up to 75 surveys.” Complete details can be found here.

Spay Illinois encouraged supporters to participate with regular posts throughout the month, keeping the messaging as simple as possible.

Have you tried this at your organization? Leave a comment and share your experience.

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