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Tip of the Week: Lost Pets Workbook

February 26, 2024, The Association

Working to increase your RTO rate? Grab this nifty resource from Petco Love Lost

What percentage of your annual intakes come in as lost or stray? What factors contribute most to these pets entering your shelter?

A new workbook from Petco Love Lost poses these questions and shares solutions for dramatically increasing the number of lost and stray pets who are reunited with their families. Amongst the 22 pages you’ll find role-playing scenarios, exercises for understanding your RTO rate, and smart ways for working together with caring community members who show up at your doors with pets they’ve found.

In addition to exercises and step-by-step strategies for increasing RTO,
the workbook features questions for discussion and reflection

Download a copy and share it with your staff. Consider doing one of the exercises as a group at your next team meeting.

Learn more about reuniting lost pets with their owners and sign up for additional support & resources.

Photo: Petco Love

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