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Tip of the Week: Lost Pet Infographic

January 15, 2024, The Association

Do you receive calls from the community seeking help to find a lost pet? Here’s a key resource to pass on to dog owners

This nifty infographic, based on research by National Animal Care & Control Association and PetHub, is a fan favorite. The graphic features a timeline of critical steps that dog owners can take when they’ve lost a pet, starting with the first 24 hours.

Share this one on your socials, and be sure to include it with any other lost pet resources for your communities. You can drag and drop to your desktop or download it here.

Courtesy of PetHub

If you’d like to dig into the 2022 Lost Pet research that this infographic is based on, listen to The Assocation’s podcast with PetHub’s CEO, Lorien Clemens, and Jerrica Owen, NACA’s Executive Director.

Photo: Unsplash

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