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Tip of the Week: Keeping Score

September 26, 2022, The Association

This week’s tip’s a test you can take to assess your professional quality of life.

The word resilience is tossed around a lot these days—and while there are various definitions, we pretty much agree that we want more of it.  The first step to increasing yours is to understand where you’re starting from.

A well-known scientific tool, the Professional Quality of Life Assessment can give you a baseline. It is intended for individuals whose work involves helping others: health care professionals, social service workers, teachers, attorneys, emergency responders, and yes, animal welfare professionals. Complete the short, 30-question quiz and you can then calculate your scores in Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout, and Secondary Traumatic Stress for the past month. Use the accompanying manual to interpret the results.

Once you’ve targeted your areas of greatest need, and tailored and tracked your own self-care plan, you may wish to share the tool with your team. Have them take the assessment anonymously and discuss overall aggregate results as an organization.

Do you know the score? Share your experience with (or thoughts about) this tool.

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