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Tip of the Week: (Extra) Special Events

October 24, 2022, The Association

Looking for inspo for your next fundraising gala? This week, your colleagues share some themes that went over well at their organizations.

The thing about animal welfare? Unlike some other professional spaces, folks freely share their ideas with colleagues in the field to help advance the collective mission. Case in point, here are some great suggestions in response to a social media post requesting ideas for successful gala themes.

  • “We are in wine country, so our big annual gala is Wines for Canines and Kitties. This year the theme was Cocktails and Crooners; we had a Sinatra impersonator singing during the reception mixer and silent auction walk.”
  • “Our theme has been Tropical Tails for well over a decade. A fun tropical/luau theme would probably work for other shelters.”
  • “We have a furball with a different theme every year. We’ve done Masquerade, The Great Catsby and, this year, Caturday Night Fever”
  • “Denim & Diamonds Gala—people enjoy the freedom to dress down or go fancy.”
  • “Spring Bow Wow—cocktail party with your dog”
  • “Our Boo Bash is always the Saturday before Halloween, so it’s a grown-up costume party. Costumes are optional, and picking the theme is always fun. This year it’s Wizard’s Ball.”

What would you add? Feel free to share.

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  1. We have a gala every year with a different theme, and we actually also did “Downton Tabby” in 2017! Some of my favorites have been “There’s No Place Like A New Home,” “Game of Bones,” “The Great Catsby” for our 20th gala, and “Jurassic Bark.” Our 26th one in 2023 will be “Tail As Old As Time!”

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