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Tip of the Week: Donation Dilemma

January 24, 2022, The Association

It’s Monday—that means it’s time to pass along a tool, time-saver, or just-plain-genius idea that your colleagues and members of The Association have tried and tested. This week’s tip is for organizations that run resale or thrift shops.

Ethical concerns about what to do with donations of fur coats to your thrift shop or resale store? You’re not alone. “I expect to see them in other thrift stores,” says Sarah Neikam, Operations Manager at SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare, “but for our cause, it doesn’t sit well with me.” 

Many shelters around the country have found a workable solution to this ethical dilemma by donating the coats to local wildlife rehab centers and sanctuaries. These organizations use them for comfort, warmth and enrichment of injured and orphaned animals of similar species. As part of their Fur for the Animals campaign, Born Free USA has created an interactive map of rehabs and sanctuaries in the United States; they recommend reaching out to facilities in nearby locations first.

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Photo: Baby opossum snuggling in a donated fur coat
Born Free USA/The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

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