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Tip of the Week: Best Practices for Keeping People & Pets Together

April 3, 2023, The Association

Looking for a digital resource for creating and strengthening pet-friendly homeless services? Coming right up, thanks to National Alliance to End Homelessness and PetSmart Charities.

In shifting how we think about who “should” have pets and what it means to be a good pet owner, animal welfare is increasingly responding to the needs of people experiencing homelessness with pets. This resource can help.

The 36-page .pdf is divided into three sections:

  • Section 1 is an overview of an effective and coordinated homeless response system. It also looks at how the animal welfare system is structured around the country.
  • Section 2 includes steps that homeless service provider agency leadership can take to improve agency-wide culture and effectiveness in serving people experiencing homelessness with pets.
  • Section 3 includes recommendations for outreach workers, case managers, program managers, facilities staff, and others to improve outcomes of people experiencing homelessness with pets when accessing services.

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