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Tip of the Week: A Very Important Date

December 27, 2021, The Association

You are reading the last Tip of the Week for 2021. The clock’s ticking, so we’re getting time-sensitive and tried-and-true, thanks to Humane Network’s Bonney Brown & Diane Blankenburg.

While folks may be on vacation and many businesses closed as the year winds down, fundraising is heating up. During this last week of the year, online giving can be as high as 10% of the year’s total, with December 31 known to be one of the largest online giving days.

“It’s important not to miss this opportunity” shared Bonney Brown & Diane Blankenburg in their November webinar on year-end fundraising, “but it’s amazing how many organizations—nearly a third—do not communicate with their donors during these dates in an any significant way.”

If you haven’t yet scheduled email communications or social media posts, you’ve still got time. Brown & Blankenburg suggest deploying in the next few days, focusing on the message that this is the last chance to make a lifesaving gift in 2021. “This concept still has power to get donors excited,” they say.

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