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Summer Reading & Listening List

August 1, 2023, The Association

We’re right in the middle of summer, and there’s still time to move into “beach read” mode. Grab an hour and dig into something juicy. Here are some suggestions for books and podcasts from your colleagues in the profession.

What: It’s the Manager: Moving from Boss to Coach
Recommended by: Pedro Santana, Lee County Domestic Animal Services
Why: In my 13 years of experience, I have found management in animal welfare is a complex, challenging endeavor. This exceptional book delves into the essence of modern leadership and provides valuable insights on transitioning from a traditional “boss” mentality to a more impactful coaching style.

WhatDare to Lead podcast with Brené Brown
Recommended by: Julie Buckland, Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department
Why: Her work is so appropriate for animal welfare—leadership, compassion, nonjudgmental and self reflection. She’s brilliant and kind. Life changing, inspiring!

What: SmartLess podcast
Recommended by: Nancy McKenney, Marin Humane
Why: The trio are great friends—witty, accomplished and make me laugh. Plus, there are a variety of guests each week.

What: Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! podcast
Recommended by: Joy Smith, FieldHaven Feline Center
Why: Full of giggles and fun! Plus, I learn about the news I missed out on during the week.

What: Change-Friendly Leadership
Recommended by: Rich Anderson, Anderson Impact
Why: This book is about how leaders must learn to bring their entire team on board for change in order to ensure everyone is vested in the process. You can’t just engage their minds. You have to engage hearts and hopes to ensure change takes root.

What: DEI Deconstructed: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Doing the Work and Doing It Right
Recommended by: Maria Morukian, MSM Global
Why: There are no ‘get-equitable-quick’ strategies in the DEI space that work, and those that exist (e.g. one-off workshop models, truncated/shortened workshops, standalone DEI talks) should be reimagined and redeployed as part of larger, more comprehensive change-making efforts.

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