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Introducing the DEI Council

July 26, 2023, The Association

On behalf of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, Jasmin Robinson, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives, is delighted to introduce the incoming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and its members.

The DEI Council began in 2019 as a working group and has grown to include 20 leaders plus volunteers to serve on the Council at large and its subcommittees. “Our work is centered around findings from the 2021 Animal Welfare Report and the Association’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan,” shares Robinson. The DEI Council members represent different cultural backgrounds, expertise, and leadership roles.

“Please join us in welcoming the incoming members and learn more about their inspiration to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in animal welfare,” urges Robinson. “Together, we are devoted to dismantling oppressive systems that isolate and exclude minoritized communities and their animals. We look forward to serving you!“

The 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

  • Aiko Okamoto, Chief Administrative Officer, Humane Society of Charlotte
  • Amanda Arrington, Vice President, Access to Care, Human Society of the United States
  • Art Muñoz, Director of Animal Services, City of Garland, TX
  • Brad Shear, Executive Director, Potter League
  • Camille Coakley, Director of Community Outreach, Atlanta Humane
  • Chaya Hirsch, Spay/Neuter Veterinarian, Kentucky Humane
  • Dianne Prado, Executive Director, Housing Equity & Advocacy Resource Team (HEART LA)
  • Jace Huggins, Chief Animal Control Officer, City of Sacramento
  • Jena Valdez, Chief Medical Officer, San Francisco SPCA
  • Jim Tedford, President and CEO, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement
  • Karla Gimae Pan, Community Support Services Director, Blue Ridge Humane
  • Katherine Shenar, Executive Vice President, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement
  • Miguel Sheets, IT and Facilities Manager, The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County
  • Rachel Finney, CEO, Columbus Humane, Columbus, OH
  • Rachel Levine, Director of People Development, Dumb Friends League
  • Sam Wolbert, President and CEO, Animal Welfare League of Arlington
  • Samuel “Cole” Wakefield, Executive Director, Good Shepherd Humane Society, Inc.
  • Sandra Newbury, Director, University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program, Assistant Professor, UW School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Sarah Javier, President, Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA Adoption Center)
  • Serena Nayee, Founder, Executive Director , Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion and Intersectionality Initiative
  • Tracy Elliott, President, Anti-Cruelty Society, AAWA Board
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