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Fall Conference: 5 Questions We Always Ask with Lara Jakubowski

September 25, 2022, The Association

The sessions comprising The Fall Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement are carefully curated to ensure we’re delivering up info on the topics most relevant to you. What’s more relevant than the economy right now?! Lara Jakubowski discusses her keynote, Nonprofit Rollercoaster: Confronting Economic Challenges in 2022, plus reveals what Zoom outfit will NOT make it into her suitcase this November.

The Association: We can’t wait to see you in New Orleans—also known as the birthplace of jazz. In keeping with that theme, what are you most jazzed about these days?
Lara Jakubowski:
I’m jazzed about nonprofits in this age of reinvention. It feels like we are in a new era. The economy is shifting, people are working differently now, the Queen of England has passed at 96 years old…. I am seeing organizations create new narratives, build on new bases of support, and redefine their organizations to meet new challenges. Big institutions and small nonprofits are reimagining themselves. It’s an exciting time.

The Association: What are you most jazzed about for our time together?
Lara Jakubowski: My mouth is watering thinking about Mr. B’s Bistro in New Orleans. I’m jazzed about the thought of stopping by there for BBQ shrimp. I’m also jazzed about fall weather after a very hot summer.

The Association: We are looking forward to your keynote, Nonprofit Rollercoaster: Confronting Economic Challenges in 2002, and your review of creative solutions that nonprofits are already trying. Can you share an example of one of these solutions?
Lara Jakubowski:
I am noticing nonprofits taking advantage of the moment of reinvention to tell a new story to donors. Everyone always loves the new shiny thing, and finally there is a moment to capitalize on that for long-tenured organizations. I think appeals that are rooted in storytelling and new narratives are showing donors that your organization is evolving to meet current needs.

I think nonprofits are concerned about a pending recession, and are bolstering their fundraising efforts. This is including a deeper focus on smaller donors who may be new to the organization since 2020. An example is the new focus on giving circles that are started by nonprofits like Fishcat. These are ways to build relationships with donors in new ways, by engaging them on specific fundraising goals.

The Association: What can attendees prepare or think about before your session?
Lara Jakubowski:
Ask the following questions:

  • What sets your organization apart from others?
  • What do you do better than your peers?
  • Do you have a unique set of stakeholders?
  • How do you apply these differentiating strengths to the challenges ahead of you?

The Association: What favorite Zoom meeting outfit will NOT be making it into your suitcase this November?
Lara Jakubowski:
At the beginning of the pandemic when the images of the spiky coronavirus images were circulating, I fashioned a coronavirus headpiece that I wore on a Halloween Zoom call. I have gladly put that to rest.

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