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Day 2: The Fall Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement

November 16, 2022, The Association

Yup, all the networking and learning has been THIS. MUCH. FUN. Peep these highlights of Day 2 of the Fall 2022 Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement.

Shelter Showdown Throwdown

Kudos to YOUR Humane Society SPCA, who crossed the finished line victorious and brought home a win in The Association’s Shelter Showdown, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. As the top vote-getter, the Lake Panasoffkee, FL, organization earned bragging rights and $1,000 toward a shelter event and celebration. Here’s their winning vid:

Paying It Forward

What lies ahead for salaries and benefits? It will most definitely include flexible working arrangements, shared Swati Patel in her session on The Future of Compensation. That includes not only where employees work, but when they work. To prepare for this eventuality, she suggests defining your policies on three different job types: Fully In-Person, Hybrid, and Fully Remote.

Newly Elected & Ready to Serve

Congrats to The Association’s newly elected Board of Directors, officially announced at the annual business meeting.

Bottom row: Matthew Pepper, Michigan Humane; Jim Tedford, CAWA, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement; Dr. Apryl Steele, CAWA, Dumb Friends League. Middle row: Raissa Allaire, Tree House Humane Society; Rachel D.K. Finney, CAWA, Columbus Humane; Dr. Roberta Westbrook, Houston SPCA; Shelly Moore, CAWA, Humane Society of Charlotte. Top row: Dr. Steven Hansen, CAWA, Arizona Humane Society; Tracy Elliott, The Anti-Cruelty Society; Martha Boden, PMP, CAWA, SPCA Tampa Bay; Anna Payton, Aurora Animal Care & Control; Ed Jamison, Operation Kindness. Not pictured: Shafonda Allen, CAWA, APS of Durham; and Andrew Platou, CPA, Humane Rescue Alliance.

Celebrate Everything

In his keynote on Bias, Mindfulness, and the Impact of Both on More Equitable Spaces, Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman encouraged celebrating one holiday as the focus of the year to be more inclusive and avoid isolating those who do not identify with one holiday in particular. You can find more info here.

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