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#AAWASpring: Day 2 Highlights

June 9, 2021, The Association

What happens when 620+ animal welfare pros (and their furred & feathered conference buddies) log on for another day of learning and networking? Welcome to Day 2 of The Spring Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement! Over the next few weeks we’ll dive into individual sessions, but here are some juicy soundbites and recommended reading and viewing to whet your appetite.

I strongly recommend avoiding “I don’t know” as the answer to any question. Instead, try something like, “That’s a really good question. I don’t have that information with me right now. Can I get it to you by end of the week?”

– Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control’s Amy-Jo Sites, in her session on how municipal shelters can work with local officials to get proper funding

More of Amy-Jo’s tips for presenting your proposal to city/county officials (or any decisionmakers, for that matter) 

We have to set the expectation that working yourself to exhaustion is not expected.

– Aimee St. Arnaud, on how to get more veterinarians into the field, in today’s session on the veterinary shortage

Aimee and her co-presenter Mark Cushing shared a variety of helpful resources, including:

Study: Is there a veterinary shortage?
Today’s Veterinary Business: “Shortages and Excesses”
75 million pets may lose access to care by 2030

Being a CAWA has opened doors for me

– Brad Shear, The Association’s Chairman of the Board and ED of the Potter League for Animals, on the new CAWA exam and why you should become one. Check out the updated application and Applicant Guide here, and stay tuned for more details about taking the exam. (One key change: Eligibility has expanded to include professionals in spay/neuter clinics and field services.)

Required Viewing (Kleenex optional)

Thank you, Joann Fuller, for bringing all the feels. Seriously, this is an exceptional piece from Hill’s Pet Nutrition that skillfully touches on the topic of pet obesity and the extra-special bond that seniors have with their animal companions.

Triple Play

Shout out to our Day 1 Conference Buddy photo contest winner, Marin Humane’s Joe Lisella 

What else made you think/smile/shout? Please leave a comment and share your Day 2 aha! moments.

Top photo: Brande Kupfer’s conference buddy, shown here taking notes during the opening session.

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