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3 Resources for Working Toward a Culture of Belonging and Inclusion

January 17, 2024, The Association

PetSmart’s Rory Adams cited a wealth of resources to increase belonging and inclusivity in his recent webinar, Trans* Inclusive Workplaces. Here are three you can start digging into today.

“No one belongs until everyone belongs,” shared Rory Adams during last week’s webinar, Trans* Inclusive Workplaces. The following suggested actions and accompanying resources are aimed at building belonging and inclusivity for transgender, non-binary, and gender-fluid people, as well as contributing to your overall DEI efforts.

Change Your Policies Today

“Don’t wait until you are certain you have a trans staff member,” says Adams. “Change policies today.” That includes ensuring that your medical benefits are inclusive for trans employees. “Double- and triple-check! When negotiating for inclusive coverage, ask pointed questions about hormone therapy, name-change document support and surgery.” This model policy from the Transgender Law Center is a great resource.

Drop Gender-Related Dress Codes

“Do away with dress codes that require people to dress for gender norms, or are prescriptive in any way around gender,” says Adams. He has often heard about this happening, particularly with ACO uniforms. “If your ACO uniforms are gendered in any way, be sure that people are able to pick out their own unforms. All employees may have a preference for how clothes fit them.”

Update Languaging as Necessary

Language surrounding the way we talk about gender is always—and should be—evolving. The Radical Copy Editor’s  Style Guide for Writing About Transgender People can help you keep up with more inclusive languaging.

For more tips, listen to the recording of Trans* Inclusive Workplaces.

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