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14 Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

February 21, 2024, The Association

Next Friday, March 1, marks Employee Appreciation Day—a day to honor staff achievement and contributions across all industries. And what amazing contributions so many of your teams make on a daily basis! We asked your colleagues in the field what they were planning, and here’s a quick rundown. 

  • Box lunches of choice delivered by Panera and an appreciation $100 bonus on payday
  • Custom-decorated “thank you” cookies for staff and thank you posts on social media channels
  • $50 gift cards to local restaurants
  • Onsite catered lunch on two different days to cover work teams, and an all-staff raffle for three different prizes
  • Coffee gift cards for everyone (and then asking staff to take selfies enjoying their treats to post in a Slack channel)
  • A treat cart, new staff shirt, and personalized cookies
  • Goodies from Edible Fruit for all locations, and staff appreciation featured in leadership’s weekly videos 
  • Snack boxes with a movie theme and a coupon to purchase an online movie were sent to all employee’s homes.
  • Our Junior Advisory Board members are writing thank-you notes and making drawings for our staff this year.
  • We’re doing $50 gas gift cards with a nice, personalized note.
  • We are planning to bring an ice cream truck onsite for everyone! We’re also doing an Employee Lounge, where we’ll turn the community room into a place with games, snacks, drinks, comfy chairs, etc. for the day.
  • We are doing a series of three days in order to accommodate anyone who may not be working that day. We are doing a candy bar, lottery tickets, lunch and fun employees superlatives.
  • All of our employees work remotely in different states, so we’re offering a comp day for them to use whenever they’d like.
  • Pizza lunch and-written thank-you cards for each employee signed by senior management

Leave a comment and let us know how your organization is recognizing staff next Friday.

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