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Tip of the Week: To the Moon & Back

July 25, 2022, The Association

Ever heard of a moonshot forum? This week we look at the next big thing in brainstorming.

“A moonshot forum is a great way to encourage your team to think really, really big,” says positive psychology expert Josh Vaisman, CCFP, MAPPC. In this teambuilding, strategy-making exercise, no idea is dismissed out of hand—which helps to build psychological safety.

Here are simple guidelines for hosting a moonshot forum with your team:

10 Times Better

Periodically—perhaps once a quarter, if possible—set aside 30-60 minutes for the team to suggest ideas to “make us 10 times better.” That sets the stage for some big ideas—encourage them to go for it!

More Positive, Less Negative

Reinforce that this is all about creative thinking. The moonshot forum, explains Josh, is less about identifying problems as it is about “imagining big ways to create something better than what we currently have.” 

Vote to Explore

For the first 10 minutes or so, people get 30-60 seconds to give an overview of their idea. Then the team votes on which ideas they want to explore together. Spend the rest of the time imagining:

  • How could this actually work?
  • What are ways you could actually bring this to life? 
  • What are obstacles? 
  • What might help overcome those obstacles? 

It’s important to make sure each idea is genuinely accepted and explored. Set aside 5-10 minutes at the end to review what you (as a team, collectively) have learned, and what actions, if any, you can take as a next step. 

In time, says Josh, these moonshot forums will become productive exercises in problem solving, collective growth, and improvement. “But in the beginning, I encourage leaders to worry less about solving all the problems, and more about creating a space where every perspective, every voice, every idea is accepted, considered, and explored together.”

If the spirit of positivity and inclusivity inherent in this tip resonate with you, we think you’ll love Josh’s upcoming interactive 3-hour intensive, Breaking Happy: A Sustainable Path to Well-Being. Find out more about the September 15 online event.

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