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Tip of the Week: Three Good Things

October 3, 2022, The Association

This Monday we’re on the hunt for happiness—and once we find it, we’re going to practice celebrating it.

In his webinar on creating a meaningful self care plan, The ASPCA’s Dr. Brian DiGangi shared that while 50% of a person’s happiness depends on genetics, “the other 50% is under our control.”

How to make the most of this? “Regular practice of simple exercises designed to evoke gratitude, engage in a sense of mindfulness, and build self-compassion are a good place to start,” says DiGangi.  You’ll find dozens of research-based practices at Greater Good In Action.

Here’s a simple one that takes just ten minutes a day.

Three Good Things

Write down three things that went well for you today. These can be small, everyday events or more important milestones (from “my partner made coffee today” to “I earned a big promotion”). 
For each of the items:

1. Give the event a title
2. In whatever writing style you like, write down exactly what happened, including where you were, what you did or said, etc.
3. Write down how you felt at the time, and how you felt later.
4. Write what caused the event, or why it happened.
5. If you find yourself focusing on negative thoughts, refocus on the good event and positive feelings that came with it.

Adapted from the Three Good Things exercise by Greater Good in Action; complete instructions here.

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