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Tip of the Week: Take It Personally

November 14, 2022, The Association

This Monday, we’re working the core…core values, that is.

Core values. When you are clear on them as an organization, says Amy Nichols of GoodFriend by Kinship, “Decisions become easier, and strategies and tactics become more obvious.” The following exercise is the first part of a 3-part strategy to revisit or create your core values.

Determine what values are shared in common

A retreat setting or offsite space is ideal for this exercise, and you can involve an entire organization, department, or team. Says Nichols, “If you have 12-15 attendees, split them into groups, preferably of people who don’t normally work together.”

  • Take 5 minutes for folks to select their personal 5 top values (note, this is what they value personally, not the org’s values). As each person shares, their list is recorded on large Post-It paper, or on a large dry-erase or chalkboard. 
  • Next, each person chooses one value as a proposed org/dept. value. List each person’s value on a combined list. 
  • How do you define these values? Are there any redundancies and repeats? Use these questions to create a new list of 10-12 values.

While this exercise is valuable on its own, it is the first step in a series. Nichols outlines the process in this recorded webinar.

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