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March 20, 2024, The Association

Housing more animals will lead to an increase in number of lives saved?

Housing more animals will lead to an increase in number of lives saved?

Not quite. Understanding the impact of length of stay on your ability to meet animals’ needs can help set the record straight on this common misconception.

Length of stay = the duration of time an animal spends in the shelter system from the day of intake to the day of outcome. Minimizing this number is the key to reducing crowding and increasing life-saving capacity. To learn more about how this works, watch and share this ASPCApro video developed with Sandra Newbury, DVM.

What have you done (or are currently doing) to reduce LOS ?

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  1. I am currently reducing LOS by keeping cats who have homes stay in their homes through Surrender Prevention. I have written a course which provides CE credits through the National Animal Care & Control Association and is approved for Maddie’s Fund scholarships. As a Surrender Prevention Specialist, this knowledge of cat behavior combined with empathy and communication skills and may be the difference between a cat losing her home and being surrendered to a shelter and staying in her home. So far I have certified thousands of people! Learn more at

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