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DEI Survey Update: Be Like Morgan

March 25, 2024, The Association

Steal this idea! Kentucky Humane Society’s East Campus Manager & Culture Liaison set a goal to get 100 KHS employees to take the DEI Survey

Earlier this month we launched the 2024 DEI Survey, an important tool that’ll gauge how we’re doing and where we need to concentrate efforts to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion as a field. The more responses, the better, bigger and more accurate picture we’ll have of where inequities and disparities exist.

To that end, the goal is 5,200 responses. And to reach that number, it’s all hands on deck. That means not only taking the survey, but encouraging your teams and coworkers to participate. Morgan Davis, Kentucky Humane Society’s East Campus Manager & Culture Liaison, is taking her efforts to advance DEI in animal welfare next-level.

“I am promoting the DEI Survey pretty hard at KHS!” reports Davis. After setting a goal of 100 staff participants, Morgan is working multiple strategies to achieve it:

  • Participants are entered in a raffle to win gift cards to a local ice cream shop
  • Flyers with a QR code that links to the survey have been distributed throughout KHS; they’re posted in high-traffic areas like the break room fridge
  • Regular discussions with staff about the survey and The Association’s DEI programs
  • All-staff emails and reminders, explaining a little of the history of the survey and why it’s important. Davis also took care to reinforce that responses are anonymous, including the following messaging: “Information obtained through anonymous feedback is vital to move these initiatives forward. Many improvements have been made across the board, but there is much work to be done.”

When we last checked in, 33 KHS employees had taken the survey, and Davis was expanding her efforts to include sharing the link on social media and via direct message.

The survey closes on April 21, so there’s plenty of time to rally your team and be like Morgan. It’s a great way to connect the DEI efforts in your organization and community to national efforts. Here’s a link to learn more.

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