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DEI Resources: Juneteenth & Pride

June 17, 2022, Shannon Martin-Roebuck

This month offers important opportunities to renew your commitment to social justice in your workplace, community and beyond. The Association’s Shannon Martin-Roebuck, Director of Strategic Initiatives, shares resources to inspire your communications plan and get the convo started.

Juneteenth: Reflecting On Our Past to Guide Our Future 

Juneteenth—the day we commemorate the end of slavery in the United States—will be observed as a federal holiday on Monday, June 20. What role can your agency play in raising awareness? To better engage our employees and the communities we serve, it is important to understand the history and journeys of different groups that shape who we are today.  

To celebrate Juneteenth, I recommend the following articles that provide a history of slavery and the Juneteenth traditions. Although this information is painful to read and watch, having an understanding of our past is key to help us build partnerships by engaging in difficult conversations with our staff and communities.

Juneteenth Resources

From Slavery in America 
The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth 

Creating Safe LGBTQ+ Workplaces  

Do you know if your LGBTQ+ staff feel safe at work? Creating a safe, inclusive environment in your workplace increases employee performance and satisfaction. Please help your LGBTQ+ staff feel seen and celebrated every month with these resources:  

SHRM: LGBTQ+ Inclusion resources and tools (for SHRM members)
Library of Congress: About Pride Month
Human Rights Campaign: Resources for improving and promoting fairness in the workplace

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About Shannon Martin-Roebuck
Shannon Martin-Roebuck is Director of Strategic Initiatives at The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.

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