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COVID-19 Comms: Graphics and Flyers for Messaging Your Community & Staff

April 10, 2020, The Association

Sharing the most up-to-date information with your community and staff is of utmost importance right now. Your supporters and teams are looking to you for clear, direct communications—and to that end,  the North American COVID-19 Communication Task Force, a collaboration of animal welfare organizations across the U.S and Canada, have put together some shareable materials for messaging a variety of audiences—the pet parents in your community, shelter staff, law enforcement and your foster families. 

Your community

The two most important messages we need to get out to pet owners–make a plan for your pets in the event you are unable to care for them and ensure your pets are safe at home. Post the following sharegraphics on your social media channels and BAM!–your community has the basics of what they need to know to keep animals safe during COVID-19. The flyers can be printed and posted, or shared in email communications.

Include pets in your preparedness plan amid COVID-19 concerns from Humane Canada

Shelter Staff

Shelter staff and COVID-19 priorities

Here’s one to print and hang up in your facility; you can also send to your team as an email.

Law enforcement/Animal control officers

Protect yourself so you can keep helping your community 

Consider printing hard copies for your ACOs, or share with them in an email memo:

COVID-19 & your pet

This two-sided flyer can be left in mailboxes and given out within the community:

Your foster families

This could be attached to an email or embedded in an email communication and sent to your foster volunteers.

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COVID-19 Communications Toolkit: Shareable Graphics & Flyers

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