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8 Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

February 22, 2022, The Association

Next Friday, March 4, marks Employee Appreciation Day—a day to honor staff achievement and contributions across all industries. And what amazing contributions so many of your teams have made in the past year! We asked your colleagues in the field what they were planning, and here’s a quick rundown. 

Our Junior Advisory Board members and students in our RedRover Readers program are writing thank-you notes and making drawings for our staff this year. We are also exploring a new staff appreciation survey tool that will let us know how each individual likes to feel appreciated.
Karly Noel, MA Ed., CHES, RedRover, Sacramento, CA

We’re doing $50 gas gift cards with a nice, personalized note. Practical this year.
Kim Brown, Animal Protective Association of Missouri, Brentwood, MO

We are planning to bring an ice cream truck onsite for everyone! We’re also doing an Employee Lounge, where we’ll turn the community room into a place with games, snacks, drinks, comfy chairs, etc. for the day. 
Kristi Mack, Humane Society Silicon Valley, Milpitas, CA

We are doing a series of three days in order to accommodate anyone who may not be working that day. We are doing a candy bar, lottery tickets, lunch and fun employees superlatives.
Amy Schindler, Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Arlington, VA

All of our employees work remotely in different states, so we’re offering a comp day for them to use whenever they’d like.
Stephanie Filer, Shelter Animals Count

We’re bringing in boxed lunches for staff.
Gina Galuppo, SPCA Monterey County, Salinas, CA

We are doing boxed vegan lunches for all the staff, and I am thinking about whether we’ll also do a video message to staff.
Michelle Thevenin, Humane Rescue Alliance, Washington, D.C.

Hand-written thank-you cards for each employee signed by senior management, and pizza lunch on both March 3rd and 4th.
Crystal Reetz, Longmont Humane Society, Longmont, CO

Leave a comment and let us know how your organization is recognizing staff next Friday.

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