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Letter From the President: A True Professional and a True Friend

October 10, 2022, Jim Tedford

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Having spent more than half of my life entrenched in animal welfare work, I have run across people of all sorts.  I’ve met some of the best and worst people one could imagine just by going to work every day.  There have been the relinquishers and the adopters, the perpetrators of cruelty and the rescuers of the victims, the politicians and the volunteers.  But, above all, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with colleagues who give their all day in and day out to help realize their lifesaving, life-affirming missions.

One of those colleagues recently entered a well-earned retirement from a long SECOND career in animal welfare.  Former Board member for The Association, trusted colleague and loyal friend, Anne Reed had a successful career as an attorney before finding her way into the CEO’s chair at the Wisconsin Humane Society about 12 years ago.  I jokingly refer to Animal Welfare Years as “Dog Years,” since each year feels like at least seven. During her time in animal welfare, Anne changed the landscape of our profession.

Known as the queen of consolidation, Anne combined several organizations in her region into one powerhouse group, saving money and improving efficiency in untold ways. Her team’s efforts were shared with many through webinars and one-on-one consultations, and there are at least a few leaders in our field who will gladly credit Anne for her advice and counsel as they moved to consolidate their communities.

There are many positive things to say about Anne Reed, but one of the best from my perspective is her ability to assess a situation and dole out advice that just makes you feel better.  I have called her for advice when I was probably not sounding particularly rational, and by the time the conversation ended I felt like all was well with the world.

That’s the sign of a true professional and a true friend.  I, and the field of animal welfare, will surely miss both. Make the most of your retirement, Anne. Paint every day, and share your amazing photography, too.


About Jim Tedford
Jim Tedford, CAWA, is President and CEO of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.
  1. Thank you for this reflection, Jim. What a legacy Ann leaves! She has been so inspiring and generous with her mentorship, leadership, and friendship. Our field, my professional endeavors, and Wisconsin are better off as a result of her leadership and influence.
    I will miss her in the field, but also look forward to seeing where and how her artistic talents evolve. Ann, you are one very talented renaissance woman!

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