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Do Insurers Perceive the Animal Welfare Industry as Risky?

November 24, 2023, Jill Tucker, CAWA

Join Jill Tucker, CAWA, for a Roundtable Discussion on December 12 and find out

If your shelter is facing challenges maintaining liability coverage, you are not alone. As CEO of California Animal Welfare Association, I can tell you that the insurance issue has become gravely concerning for animal welfare organizations in California, with nonprofit shelters scrambling for coverage in response to nonrenewal notices. About 300,000 shelter pets move through nonprofits in the state of California, and if those organizations are unable to maintain liability coverage, they will be unable to assist those animals.

To avoid these devastating consequences, we have initiated conversations with insurers to find out what shelters—not just in California, but all over the country—can do to mitigate risk and sustain coverage. The insurance companies have some interesting information to share that will be beneficial to all levels of leadership at sheltering organizations. Whether you are in a nonprofit organization or municipal agency, please join us on Tuesday, December 12, for a one-hour Roundtable on Liability Insurance Challenges.

The way you operate and the decisions you make affect us all, and how “risky” we are perceived as an industry. Let’s talk about it together.

About Jill Tucker, CAWA
Jill Tucker is a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator and has been involved in the field of animal welfare since 2002, serving as the CEO of CalAnimals since March 2019. Prior to that role, she was ED at both Woods Humane Society and Santa Maria Valley Humane Society. Throughout her career, her strong leadership skills have enabled her to facilitate growth, collaboration, and financial turnarounds, while maximizing impact for the animals.

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