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10 Reasons to Get WiLD Every Year

January 4, 2022, Rob McKenna PhD

Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr. Daniel Hallak of WiLD Leaders invite you to The Association’s first webinar of 2022, and share a little background on what to expect at their interactive session on January 19.

At WiLD Leaders, we are all about whole and intentional leader development. Some people may ask about the relevance of whole and intentional leader development to animal welfare. Every major movement of change begins with a leader—someone who had the courage to step out and to go first, and to lead. We think of you in animal welfare when we think of that.

When our WiLD Toolkit was built, it was never intended to be anything like the same one-off leader development solutions of the past. Typical leader development programs are more like brief moments of awareness that may charge us up or help us understand one piece of ourselves, but don’t fulfill any kind of deeper need. What developing leaders need is a true research-based system for developing courageous and sacrificial leaders with the strategic capacity to lead with competence, and the character to see and invest in others.

The year-over year investment process we prescribe through the WiLD Toolkit is exactly what we practice internally at WiLD Leaders. Every year we find that the story of our development, individually and as an organization, changes. The reflective assessment process provides us with everything we need to springboard the most important conversations about our development as leaders and identify where that intersects with the needs of our business as we serve our clients like you.

Here are 10 reasons that the WiLD Toolkit becomes even more powerful in years two, three, four and beyond:

  1. Alignment
  2. Long-Term Investment  
  3. Familiarity
  4. Depth
  5. New Team Members 
  6. Inviting Change 
  7. Culture
  8. Health and Value 
  9. Cost
  10. Our Commitment

Our encouragement to you is to consider a complete paradigm shift and avoid the temptation to treat leader development as an event, and start seeing it as an integral part of your long and short term business strategy.

We hope you’ll join us on January 19 to learn more. We’re going to begin by investing in YOU, as a leader. But then also provide you with a system for whole leader development for the managers and people within your sphere of influence. 

We hope to see as many of you there as possible, and are excited to be doing this with you.

About Rob McKenna PhD
Named one of the 30 most influential industrial and organizational psychologists, TEDx Speaker Dr. Rob McKenna is the founder of WiLD Leaders, Inc. and The WiLD Foundation, and creator of the WiLD Toolkit. His research and coaching with leaders across corporate, not-for-profit and university settings has given him insight into the real and gritty experience of leaders. His clients have included the Boeing Company, Microsoft, Heineken, Foster Farms, the United Way, Alaska Airlines and Children’s Hospital. He also previously served as the Chair of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University.

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