Best Practices & Emerging Trends
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The Association’s Best Practices & Emerging Trends Committee, experts on subject matter, have begun developing tools to guide the industry toward program management that follow industry standards, ethical behavior, and that contribute to our shared industry goal to find happy, health, lifelong homes for companion animals. 

Adoption Best Practices

Adoption Best Practices
Exhibit A Adoption Agreement Template 
Exhibit B Adoption Waiver Template
Adoption Forum II
3-part Webinar Series - watch the recordings today

Animal Enrichment Best Practices

Animal Enrichment Best Practices
Exhibit A Dog Enrichment Daily and Weekly Needs
Exhibit B Cat Enrichment Daily Needs
Exhibit C Dog Enrichment Log Sheet
Exhibit D Cat Enrichment Log Sheet
Exhibit E Enrichment Protocol for Dogs
Exhibit F Enrichment Protocol for Cats
Shelter Playgroup Alliance Inter-Dog Playgroup Guidelines
4-part Webinar Series - watch the recordings today

Companion Animal Transport Best Practices 

Companion Animal Transport Best Practices Updated March 2019
Exhibit A Animal Transport Memorandum of Understanding
Exhibit A1 ASPCA Animal Transfer Memorandum of Understanding
Exhibit B Vehicle Buildout Consideration
Exhibit C Vehicle Supply List
Exhibit D Funding Transport Cost
Exhibit E Transport Census Spreadsheet
Fact Sheet To Support Advocacy
4-part webinar series  
Best Practices Webinar Series: Companion Animal Transport (2019)

NEW:  Exhibit F COVID-19 Transport Amendment 8/20

Provision of Veterinary Care in a Shelter Setting Best Practices -

Provision of Veterinary Care in a Shelter Setting Best Practices
Exhibit A Veterinary Care Timeline
Exhibit B HBSV Shelter Medicine Journal
Exhibit C Balancing Veterinarian and Shelter Staff Needs
Exhibit D Standardized Data Collection Questionnaire Example from CATalyst Council
Exhibit E Standardized Data Collection Summary Example from CATalyst Council
3-part Webinar Series - watch the recordings today


Send your ideas for Best Practices Development to The Association at with “Best Practices Idea” in the subject line.


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