Provision of Veterinary Care in a Shelter Setting Model Practices

This Model Practice will provide a comprehensive overview of a shelter medicine program so the leadership and administration of animal welfare organizations understand the key components necessary to meet the medical needs of the animals in their care.

The Association developed the following Veterinary Care Model Practice guidelines, templates, and tools, along with a webinar series and recommended links to other resources. Sample policies are intended to be guidelines only. These tools are meant to be aspirational, and we recognize that not all organizations have the same resources and capacities.

Provision of Veterinary Care in a Shelter Setting

Exhibit A Veterinary Care Timeline

Exhibit B HBSV Shelter Medicine Journal

Exhibit C Balancing Veterinarian and Shelter Staff Needs

Exhibit D Standardized Data Collection Questionnaire Example from CATalyst Council

Exhibit E Standardized Data Collection Summary Example from CATalyst Council

3-part Webinar Series:

  • Veterinary Decision Making in Animal Welfare
  • Streamlining and Enhancing Veterinary Care in the Shelter
  • Outcomes and Continuum of Care in the Animal Shelter