Animal Enrichment Model Practices

Enrichment refers to a process for improving the environment and behavioral care of confined animals within the context of their behavioral needs. The purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress and improve well-being. Enrichment programs mitigate the development and expression of abnormal and/or problematic behavior and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the animals in the shelter environment.

The Association developed the following Enrichment Model Practice guidelines, templates, and tools, along with a webinar series and recommended links to other resources. Sample policies are intended to be guidelines only. These tools are meant to be aspirational, and we recognize that not all organizations have the same resources and capacities.

Enrichment Model Practices 2017

Exhibit A Dog Enrichment Daily and Weekly Needs

Exhibit B Cat Enrichment Daily Needs

Exhibit C Dog Enrichment Log Sheet

Exhibit D Cat Enrichment Log Sheet

Exhibit E Enrichment Protocol for Dogs

Exhibit F Enrichment Protocol for Cats

4-part Webinar Series:

  • Animal Enrichment Best Practices
  • How to Plan & Track the Best Enrichment Program Ever
  • The 8 Components Every Animal Enrichment Program Should Have
  • Do Try This At Home: Cheap & Fun Enrichment Ideas for Shelters