Speaker Slides & Handouts

Here are the slides and bonus resources from The 2023 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon. Please note that not all speakers had slides or gave us permission to post their slides, so some sessions are not included.
Wednesday 11/15
Vu Le  |  Being Human: Self-Care During a Time of Relentless Crises
Scott Schaffer  |  HR & Financial Strategy in The New Economy
Bobbi Snethen  |  Don't Just Explain - Persuade Through the Power of Story
Karalyn Aronow  |  Providing Progressive Pathways for People and Pups
Tina Robinson  |  The Stay Conversation: Making Engagement Personal
Aretha Ferrell-Benavides  |  Finding Common Ground
Lorien Clemens & Jerrica Owen  |  Insights & Strategies for Successful Reunification: Results from the 2022 Return to Home Survey


Ivan Leon  |  Donor Diversity: How to Conceive, Test, and Optimize a Multicultural Fundraising Campaign
Alexandra Reese  |  Leading Culture Transformation: Your Blueprint to Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Culture
Wendy Fraser  |  Getting Unstuck: Trust Repair Strategies for Groups
Brittany Fleming  |  Unicorn Foster Program: Reducing Length of Stay for Large Dogs
Matt Scott  |  How to Grow in a Time of Economic Uncertainty
Brett Cooper  |  Leadership is Everyone’s Business
Reva Patwardhan  |  Create a Potent Cultural Shift towards Belonging
Emma Clifford  |  Adventures in HQHVSN
Matt Lehrman  |  Futurecast: A Collaborative Exercise in Forward Thinking

FRIDAY 11/17

Dr. Nellie Goetz, Michael Robbins & Dr. Cristie Kamiya, CAWA  |  Decoding the Thought Process Behind Choices through Behavioral Economics
Pamela Oakes  |  Keeping Community at the Center of Fundraising
Swati Patel & Jessica Carl  |  Values-Based Compensation, A Case Study
Matt Lehrman  |  From Conflict to Conversation: Must Disagreement be Disagreeable
Lily Yap  |  Making Euthanasia Decisions: A Team Approach