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Beyond Labels: The Future of Animal Welfare: A Look Back, Around and Forward
May 2018
Roger Haston, Ph.D., PetSmart Charities

  • A review of the history of animal welfare
  • A look at the key trends occurring around the country
  • A conversation about the meaning of these trends and what they mean for the future
  • Download handouts

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Beyond Labels: Understanding the True Impact of Live Release Rates and Intake Policies
January 21, 2015
Roger Haston, Ph.D., PetSmart Charities

  • Stochastic modeling of shelter operations
  • Holistic picture of effects of intake and euthanasia policies on community outcomes
  • Download handouts

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SAWA Companion Animal Transport Best Practices
Filmed “Live” on June 16, 2016

Martha Boden, PMP, CAWA; Cary Lieberman, CAWA; Kristen Limbert; Brad Shear, CAWA; David Williams

Sticky Frames: Why Negative Lodge in the Mind and What to Do
November 16, 2015
Alison Ledgerwood, Ph.D.

  • Example of how this can play out in the context of the animal welfare (e.g., how negative experiences with euthanasia, cruelty, or disasters can stick in the mind and start to overwhelm positive experiences).
  • Concrete strategies for retraining your brain to focus on the upsides.

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