Together, We Are One
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Together, we are one.

We Are One
Our world and our field of animal welfare are more dynamic than ever – both good and bad happen every day. We have our dark days but far more often, they are filled with hope, accomplishment and advancement for our cherished companions. In animal welfare, we are at the epicenter of the human experience. What we do helps illustrate and define the human spirit – through our persistence, through our compassion, through our unity.

We are one.
When we are tested, we exhibit the borderless nature of true community; not one based in geography, but rather in a fellowship of shared goals – to heal the hurt, to fix the broken, to rescue the lost and restore hope where there is none.

We are one.
Regardless of the size, scale or nature of the challenges we face, one ingredient is common to all effective and successful endeavors – togetherness. Whereas selfishness and disrespect can amplify need and loss, unity and trust elevates and overcomes.

We are one.
The power in unity comes not from being identical in thought, form or action, but rather our ability to look past any differences and focus on our commonality. Within animal welfare, a great strength comes from our diversity – it spawns innovation, challenges the conventional and develops solutions to previously unsolved problems. Yet, an even greater strength comes in the starkness of our common goal – to save, care for, protect and celebrate our companions.

We are one.
Our communities, both human and animal, are counting on us to be ready for challenges we are sure to experience in the future. They rely on us and deserve our collective best. When faced with situations that define the human spirit, may we also see opportunities to underscore the humane spirit – as one -- for the animals.


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