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COVID-19 News to Know

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COVID-19 Coping Skills: Increasing Happiness

Nope, that title is no joke.  Even in these stressful and uncertain times, you can find ways to boost positive emotions. The ASPCA Shelter Outreach team’s Brian DiGangi, DVM, MS, DABVP, and Karen Walsh, CAWA, LVMT, CFE, have a quick question on this topic for you before Wednesday’s must-attend webinar, “The Road to Resilience.”

Did you know that happiness can be scientifically measured? Better yet…did you know that while about 50% of a person’s happiness depends on genetics, the other 50% is under our control? Finding and celebrating that happiness is one of the key practices that help us meet our basic needs as human beings and strengthen our resilience.

So how can we maximize the other 50%? Regular practice of simple exercises designed to evoke gratitude, engage in a sense of mindfulness, and build self-compassion are good places to start. In fact, there are dozens of research-based practices that have been scientifically proven to do things like increase positive emotions, decrease anxiety, and improve performance. Read more


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