Conference Handouts
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The Association has gone GREEN, and no printed handouts are distributed at conferences. Be sure to download the conference handouts in advance.

2019 Fall Conference Handouts

NOVEMBER 19, 2019

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Being Vulnerable is a Key to Innovation, Laurie Hall, New Horizon Strategies and Certified Dare to Leadâ„¢ Facilitator

GENERAL SESSION: The Rise of the Animal Welfare Professional, Panelists: Martha Boden, CEO, SPCA Tampa Bay; Barbara Cartwright, CEO, Humane Canada; Jim Tedford, President & CEO, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement; facilitated by Roger Haston, President, The Institute for Animals

NOVEMBER 20, 2019

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Surprising Science of Meetings, Steve G. Rogelberg, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

LEADERSHIP TRACK: Effective Evaluation Strategies for Volunteer Programs, Stephanie Itle-Clark, EdD, President, CEO, Academy for Prosocial Learning

EXECUTIVE TRACK: Working Your Strategic Plan: How to Implement & Monitor Your Completed Plan, Jeanne L. Allen, Founder, Jeanne Allen Consulting

BEHAVIOR TRACK: Mentally Healthy: Assessing Quality of Life from a Behavior Perspective, Pamela Reid, Ph.D., CAAB, VP of Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team, ASPCA

EMERGING TRENDS IN ANIMAL WELFARE: A New Tool to Assert the Community Priority of Pets, Panelists: Ed Jamison, Dallas Animal Services; Michael Robbins, Atlanta Humane Society. Facilitators: Jodi Buckman, CAWA, ASPCA; Deborah Turcott, PetSmart Charities

EXECUTIVE TRACK: Leveraging the Power of an Adaptive Culture for Change, Stacie Freasier, Consultant, La Piana Consulting

BEHAVIOR TRACK: Everyone is on the Behavior Team, Katherine Miller, Ph.D., CAAB, Senior Director, Learning Lab, Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, ASPCA; Marianne Luft, Director, Learning Lab, Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, ASPCA; Dawn Davies, Executive Director, Wenatchee Valley Humane Society; Claudia Roll, Vice President of Operations, Humane Rescue Alliance

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Conversations That Matter: Addressing Forbidden Topics, Jessica Pettitt, Founder, (no handouts)

NOVEMBER 21, 2019

GENERAL SESSION: Socially Conscious Sheltering, Katie Parker, CAWA, Executive Director, Animal Assistance Foundation; Brad Shear, Executive Director, Potter League For Animals; Dr. Apryl Steele, President & CEO, Dumb Friends League; Jim Tedford, CAWA, President & CEO,The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

EXECUTIVE TRACK: Breaking Down Barriers: Achieving Real Board Diversity and Inclusion, Rena Henderson Mason, Founder & President, Bold Agenda


BEHAVIOR TRACK: Behavior Assessments: Through a Leadership Lens, Kristen Collins, MA, ACAAB , VP of Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, ASPCA; Pamela Reid, Ph.D., CAAB, VP of Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team, ASPCA


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