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COVID-19 Communications: Oregon Humane’s Virtual Shelter Tour

August 4, 2020, The Association

Your community misses you—and wants to know about the services you are currently offering and the good work you are doing. While they may not be able to volunteer or attend events or training in person, you can make your supporters and the community at large feel like they’re a part of your organization through a virtual video tour. It’s a great way to invite them in and give them an insider’s look at your operations—and ask for their support. 

We love so many things about Oregon Humane Society’s 2020 COVID-19 Tour video. Take a peek as we count just a few of the ways… 

  •  “Grab a mask and we’ll head inside!” invites tour guide/OHS Chief Operating Officer Brian August.  This is great modeling behavior that shows OHS is doing everything they can to keep the public, staff and pets as safe as possible, and increases trust in their organization right off the bat.
  • Folks LOVE seeing what we might consider the most mundane, day-to-day operations of a shelter. Case in point, the visit to the commissary. Look at all those clean bowls!
  • The footage of an adoption in progress helps to visually explain a new process—and reinforces the safety measures that OHS has taken. Ditto for the social distancing in the medical center.
  • At 5 minutes, the video’s able to cover a lot of ground inside the shelter, and also incorporates clips of pet food distribution and humane special agents in the field. Note how well the video is edited, giving the viewer the feel that we’re right there traveling from room to room.
  • Smart move to share the vid on social media—AND even smarter of OHS to blog about it on their website and include a donate button right below the embedded video.

Have you created a virtual tour of your organization? Share a link in the comments.

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